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Skydive in Lisbon area

We are jumping at the closest Skydiving Center to Lisbon. Approximately 1h from the capital.

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Skydive Tandem Jump (with instructor)

The Tandem Jump consists of a unique and unforgettable experience, in which the passenger feels all the sensation of the free fall and the pure adrenaline. After the free fall, the parachute flight comes, you can now relax and enter another dimension and enjoy the view from 1500m high, look at the landscapes and breath the fresh air and feel closer to nature as a whole. Have a look at the different types of Tandem Jumps we have.

Tandem Prices

  • Tandem jumps
  • Tandem Best Price (jump from 3000m)


  • Tandem Extreme (jump from 4200m)


  • Tandem Prestige (jump from 5000m)


  • Booking (the rest is paid at the jump day)


  • Video and Photos
  • video OR photos (handycam - free fall and
    parachute flight)
  • video AND photos (handycam - free fall and
    parachute flight)
  • video AND photos (camera flyer) +115€
  • VIP video AND photos (handycam and camera flyer) +175€
salto de paraquedas com video

Certifications and Organisations

sigma tandem
skyhook safety

Federação Portuguesa de Paraquedismo (FPPq)

QuedaLivre is certified by the Portuguese Parachute Federation (FPPq). The FPPq was created in 1991 and is the organisation that holds all the sport powers related to Skydive in Portugal. These powers were granted by the Aeroclube De Portugal, with the consent of the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI). The FPPq has held the UPD status since 1996. After a brief interruption of two years, the FPPq reacquired this status in 2015.

Autoridade Nacional da Aviação Civil (ANAC)

The Figueira dos Cavaleiros aerodrome is certified by the ANAC. ANAC's main purpose is to regulate the civil aviation sector. It is the competence of the ANAC to define the requirements and technical assumptions regarding the granting of licenses, certifications and authorizations in the field of civil aviation. It is also up to the ANAC to define the necessary rules for the application of standards and recommendations of technical standardization, emanating from the international organizations of the civil aviation sector.

A United States Parachute Association (USPA)

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is the equivalent of the Portuguese Parachute Federation (FPPq). USPA is recognized around the world in skydiving. Our skydive drop zone is certified by the USPA. It means that our jumping zone is recommended by USPA. It also means that any Skydiving can jump in our drop zone.

Qualificação Micro Sigma

Sigma is a brand of UPT (United Parachute Technologies) created by Bill Booth, the greatest inventor in the skydiving sector for the past 40 years! The Sigma Tandem is the safest and most advanced tandem parachute in the world. It has been used in skydiving for many years and has proven its qualities, safety, endurance and comfort.

More technical detail here: Micron Sigma.

O sistema de segurança SkyHook

The SkyHook is another innovation from UPT and Bill Booth! It is a safety system that accelerates the opening of the reserve parachute 3 or 4 times compared to other parachute systems from other companies.

More technical detail here: SkyHook

Skydiving training course (1 or 8 jumps)

The AFF course is a complete skydive training that has the purpose to teach you all the necessary skills you need in order to free fall safely. The course has a personalized instruction and consists of eight levels/jumps (seven of which correspond to seven levels of evolution). In the first three levels you are accompanied by two instructors, from level 4 until the end only one instructor is needed. The eighth level is the confirmation of all that has been learned, it's your first solo jump. Each jump is filmed so the instructors can debrief with you and help you to have the best progression possible until the end of the course. All equipment is state-of-the-art and meets the highest safety standards.

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